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With Future Crib and Dane and the Soup

Thursday, September 16th

Doors 7PM

The term “road warrior” was made for Nordista Freeze. In fact, the Nashville psych-pop artist is such a prolific performer that, as of the beginning of May 2021, he boasted 516 live shows since 2016 — a rate of one every three nights for almost five years. So it’s fitting that on his latest full-length, Big Sky Pipe Dream, Freeze comes as close as he ever has to capturing his live sound on tape — literally. Big Sky Pipe Dream is a collection of songs Freeze and his band had long kept in rotation on the road, recorded live in the studio and tracked to tape between stints on tour starting in 2018, almost a documentation of life on the road circa 2018-2021. Citing David Bryne’s influential book How Music Works and how music is sculpted to fill the space one resides in, Freeze intentionally crafted the album to “represent the sound of playing in dive bars and DIY venues.” The new album is also a departure from the sound on Freeze’s previous outing, Cosmic Haus. A sonic love letter to the warmth of 60s pop — and especially 1966’s Beach Boys opus Pet SoundsBig Sky Pipe Dream finds Freeze shedding some of the “outer space” sounds from Haus that led Nashville Scene to label him the “cosmic Tom Petty.” These are traded in favor of sun-drenched harmonies and perfect pop nuggets of tracks like “First Time,” a song NPR called “an unseasonably pleasant spring Saturday in song form.”

You can get tickets to the show, Thursday, September 16th here.


With The Fabulous Minx

Thursday, September 9th

Doors 7PM

Olivia Jean is an American singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. She is best known as the lead singer and guitarist of the all-female “garage goth” rock band, The Black Belles, but more recently has made a name for herself as a solo artist. She has been active in her career since 2009.

You can get tickets to the show, Thursday, September 9th here.


Tuesday, September 21st

Doors 7pm

Garage punk trio Radkey were formed in St. Joseph, Missouri in 2010 by brothers Dee, Isaiah, and Solomon Radke, who grew up listening to their music-mad father's vast collection of punk, rock, and metal records. The band formed after Isaiah lent Dee his bass guitar so he could play in a local covers band.

Seeing his brother on-stage, Isaiah decided that he wanted in on the action; youngest brother Solomon also expressed an interest and took up drumming, and Radkey were born. After rehearsing in their bedroom for months, they got early breaks when, for their very first gig, they managed to bag a support slot with '90s funk-metal pioneers Fishbone, and got the opportunity to record their first EP, Cat & Mouse, in New York at Wreckroom, the studio owned by Entourage star Adrian Grenier. Produced by the Giraffes' Damien Paris, the EP, released in 2012, generated significant Internet buzz, and the band went on to play a number of high-profile shows, including

the Afro-Punk Festival, South by Southwest, and Chicago's Riot Fest.

You can get tickets to the show Tuesday, September 21st here.




This one goes out to you, industry folks! Ready to party after your long ass shift? Mercury is about to be your new late night Sunday spot. Every Sunday starting off at 10PM we have Dane and the Soup on stage, performing their little hearts out for the servers and bartenders of Tulsa! Prizes, giveaways and specials every week for those who work their ass off all week long to keep us all fed, and more importantly, boozed up. If you aren't industry, don't sweat it! You're still welcome to get down with us! Dane and the Soup Do It Right Sunday Night is always free, and always fun.




Like new music, just don't know where to find the good stuff? Well, you're in luck! Every month we create you a playlist of all the badass musicians playing at Mercury Lounge in the upcoming month. Listen to this to get hyped for a show you're looking forward to, explore new artists, or to simply just dance around like a fool. Simply click the picture below and you'll be jammin' in no time.

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Mercury Lounge's merch shop will be goin' mobile the weekend of September 9, 10, 11 to party at Diamond Stone Festival in Tahlequah, OK! The lineup is full of all the roots music you know and love, including John Fullbright, Red Dirt Rangers and Olivia Jean! The festival will be at Diamondhead Resort, just close enough to get outta town for the weekend and enjoy live music. Get your camping gear ready, it's gonna be one hell of a weekend. Roots music is the overlying theme of this year’s festival. This year's lineup explores many areas of Country, Folk, Rock and Americana music. Beyond the music, Diamond Stone will offer an opportunity to give back to many local charitable organizations. This year, Diamond Stone will be donating a percentage of ticket sales to local nonprofits such as Marines of Tahlequah, Tahlequah Friends of the Library, TahlEquality, and several other organizations.

Get tickets to Diamond Stone Festival HERE





In our newest segment, The Load in Sessions, presented by Play Tulsa Music, we will be showcasing local musicians perform live outside before they set up for their live performance inside on stage! This month we bring to you,

Paul Benjaman!


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