Electric Rag Band: The Original Mercury House Band

Electric Rag Band | This Bar Sucks

New Year’s Eve, 2004, before the Mercury Lounge was a thing, The Electric Rag Band played on the dive bar stage. They would then go on to play the official opening night of the Mercury Lounge in 2005 with The Engine Hearts. The original lineup consisted of Pat Cook on lead guitar and vocals, Johnny Walker on Drums, Shane Stewart on Bass, and Karen Naifeh on the violin. The ERB has become a mainstay act and a core foundation for the structure of live music at the venue today.

Electric Rag Band | This Bar Sucks

We asked Pat about playing at the Mercury over the past fifteen years. Pat recalls, “playing every NYE for the first 8 or so years and a few since. I also did a regular solo week night residency for the first 10 years or so.” Pat was one of the original residents at the Mercury and ERB would become a regular opener for touring acts over the years. ERB can certainly be credited as the original house band of the Mercury Lounge. ERB is also the first band that artist Thom Self designed a show poster for a gig at the bar. Thom has gone on to design hundreds of posters for the Mercury.

Electric Rag Band | This Bar Sucks

The ERB has changed throughout the years. They are now a two-man duo but have continued to maintain that killer mix of rock n roll, ragtime, blues, folk, rockabilly, with punk sound. Pat Cook remains on the lead guitar while his son Daniel Cook is behind the kit. Check the title track below from their 2015 album, via Horton Records, "My Side."

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