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Dylan Stewart | This Bar Sucks

Friday night, June 26, 2020-Dylan Stewart headlined a fantastic night of live music at the dive. Tulsa’s own husband and wife duo, Desi and Cody, kicked off the evening. The set started with “Roll with It” from their 2015 self-titled album and marked the official debut of Desi and Cody on the Mercury Lounge stage. The duo, backed by a full band, showcased why they are one of the best that Tulsa music has to offer. The setlist also included tunes from their most recent release, “Yes, This is Killing Us,” via Horton Records. If you see Desi and Cody on a bill, go to the show.

Desi and Cody | This Bar Sucks

Ringling, Oklahoma native, Dylan Stewart headlined the night. With a “Helluva Deal” trucker hat and “Black Lives Matters” written on his guitar, Stewart ripped through an absolute bangin’ set. Stewart brings a unique sound that is a blend of many genres, with a stage presence and energy that commands people to stop and listen. Tonight’s set with a full band of equally good talent behind him made for an extra special night.

Stewart's setlist included tunes that have expanded his four-album discography, including his most recent, "The Scarecrow Sessions," released in April of 2019. The tune "Scarecrowed" from that album was on the setlist and is a standout tune. A song in which the lyrics are chocked full of dark metaphors that Stewart does so well. Stewart also played “Night and Day.” Another tune that is next level and brings with it a level of “deepness” that will stick with you. This tune is a co-write with Mike McClure and Bryon White and a favorite from the album. It’s killer live. Dylan Stewart with Desi and Cody brought the heat. Outstanding night of Oklahoma Music on the Mercury stage.

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