Updated: Jun 26, 2020

What Mercury Lounge Runs On

Mercury Lounge Tulsa | This Bar Sucks

Once upon a time, way back when, 18th and Boston had a much different look. A filling station was on the corner and a Safeway grocery was across the street. The facade has changed over the years, but the hard-working principles that were established in this area have lived on. An Italian eatery, Dalesandro’s, sits on the adjacent corner with Burn Co Barbeque right next door. At 1747 S. Boston Ave, where that old DX Station once stood, is the home of Tulsa’s premier small music destination, The Mercury Lounge.

Born in a garage, fifteen plus years ago, The Mercury has been showcasing both local and national touring acts. Names like the Turnpike Troubadours, Wanda Jackson, and Tyler Childers have made stops here. Local act, The Electric Rag Band were the first to take the stage in 2005. Since then, hundreds if not thousands, of acts have followed in a variety of genres. Some nights you can find Punk Rock on the stage, most nights you can hear the “Tulsa Sound.” If music is your thing, you can find it here. The Mercury isn’t just a live music venue. It’s a bar where everyone is welcome. A bar where the vibe is as refreshing as a Frozen Vegas Bomb on a hot summer day. Locals know us by the tagline, “This Bar Sucks.” A moniker that we are proud to wear on our sleeve. This bar does suck, in the best way possible, to us.

We are proud to announce that this bar is gonna suck a little bit more. “This Bar Sucks” is now the official magazine of The Mercury Lounge. The magazine will be an inside look at everything Mercury. The music, the bar, and the people that keep this thing going will be featured through online articles, videos, and print. “This Bar Sucks” will be your one stop destination for everything Mercury and beyond. Be in the know and come along for the ride. Cuz this bar, “This Bar Sucks.”

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