Vincent Neil Emerson returns to Mercury Lounge for an intimate, limited capacity get down Saturday, March 6th. He was gracious enough to answers a few "gotta know" questions from MLL contributor Cash Wolfe.


MLL: Croc introduced a Vincent Neil Emerson edition of Crocs what would the colorway be? Any special features?

VNE: I think i’d rather have a Birkenstock deal, if we’re talkin’ comfortable footwear. So a pair of yellow

birkenstocks, with barbed wire decals. Special features? 21 savage.

MLL: If aliens finally decide to make themselves known and come down to your tour van and asked what 5 songs perfectly describe what your sound is, what songs do you show them? Songs can be yours or others.

VNE:Well I guess I’d play some songs from this record I’m about to put out, but I’d rather play them a Texas Tornados record. I think we’d have a better time.

MLL: What’s your go to snack combo when you’re about to hit a long drive on the open road?

VNE: Oranges to stave off the scurvy, and beef jerky for protein.

Q: Most important question. Iced honey bun or the OG honey bun?

VNE: I think if I saw another honey bun, I’d probably throw up. I try not to eat food that reminds me of jail whenever possible.

But if I had to choose, I think the og version is just fine. I’d rather have a nutty buddy.


Born and raised in East Texas, songwriter Vincent Neil Emerson is a La Honda Records recording artist. His debut Fried Chicken & Evil Women is available everywhere. His forthcoming album produced by Rodney Crowell will be released in 2021.

Catch him in person at Mercury Lounge, Saturday, March 6th with Jacob Tovar . Tickets on sale at

* Edit- We caught that there are only four questions. No one is perfect.

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